Teeth Of The Sea - Your Mercury

  • In Quick Fix
  • 15:00 on 22nd Nov 2010
  • By Freddy PalmerFreddy Palmer

Psychedelic-rock can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, veering from mind-bogglingly brilliant to uninspired, wanky meanderings. London’s Teeth Of The Sea thankfully fit into the former and new album Your Mercury is a bizarrely beautiful collection of 70’s synthsizer landscapes and dirty guitar feedback, underpinned by tribal-sounding percussion and thumping beats. ‘Cemetery Magus’ mixes industrial rhythms with washes of ominous, space-age fuzz; while the title track's slowly building ambience contains haunting trumpets and some brilliant screeching guitar work. But it is the electronics which Teeth Of The Sea seem to be more in favour of this time around, as they travel through 80’s sounding twinkling keyboards with a kraut-rock backbone on ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M’, and bubbling atmospherics on ‘Mothlike’. If you’re looking for a trip like no other, then Your Mercury is for you.


Manor House boys go far out.

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