CSS + Metronomy - Brixton Academy London

Santa Claus came to town early this year delivering Brazilian Electro Poppers CSS to the Brixton stage for a Christmas extravaganza!
But before we got to the main present we had a couple of stocking fillers to open.
First out of the sock were Metronomy, the brain-child of Brighton's Joseph Mount.
Mount records as a solo artiste but was joined onstage by two band members. All three had a large round glowing light attached to their chests, reminding me of Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto.
Metronomy's music is largely instrumental, dance based and keyboard heavy though Joseph sings occasionally, vocals drifting somewhere between Editors Tom Smith and the Human League's Phil Oakey .The band's sound was reminiscent of Editors meets Kraftwork, with the Doctor Who theme tune playing in the background!
Metronomy played almost in darkness at times but things brightened up a bit when the band brought on dancing girls to entertain us for the last two songs.
I can't say I appreciated the band's set but I'm not knocking them as it isn't my kind of music.Current single "Radio Ladio" has been getting decent reviews anyway so it's worth checking out.

If I tolerated Metronomy I completely despised next act on the bill - Justice (the musical equivalent of soap on a rope) whose hard hitting dance rhythms bored me to tears, only stopping my sobbing for a 60 second window as I watched the crowd going mental to "We are your friends".I spent the rest of the set clock watching, praying for an early finish!

CSS were determined to bring a festive flavour to the evening with snow falling from the roof and little Christmas trees and tinsel littering the stage.
I'm well into double figures for CSS shows in 2007 but this was one of the most fun performances I've witnessed from them.
The band started their set dressed as Christmas presents, with Lovefoxxx explolding into action once unwrapped.
The band rattled through the set in their usual slightly shambolic style with Lovefoxxx jumping all over the stage but always returning to the centre at songs end to strike one of her now trademark poses.
CSS shows always have a party atmosphere and there were some fun moments throughout their set including "Alcohol" where the band were joined onstage by someone dressed as a Christmas tree and "Off the hook" with Lovefoxxx skipping and performing aerobics.
The audience were as boisterous as Lovefoxxx.After my time in the photo pit I positioned myself at the far left of the stage next to where the gate for Security was.There was an endless stream of hot, sweaty and jubilant stage divers getting led out all through the set, legging it back into the middle of the crowd for another go!
The tracks on the band's debut album are like old friends now, having wormed their way firmly into the hearts of the audience but it was nice to hear new material including one track which I believe was called "Jamaica Song", a possible new direction for the band?
As long as they don't get Shaggy or Sean Paul in for a duet I'll be happy.
This was the largest venue CSS have headlined in the UK so the band must have been ecstatic with the response they got from the sell out crowd, whose screaming brought the band back to the stage after their triumphant set.
The band rewarded us with a trio of songs including one of my favourites "Holiday", their cover of L7's "Pretend you're dead" which included a dancing Christmas present and extremely rowdy set closer "Let's make love..." , the icing on the (Christmas) cake.
CSS will be bringing us album number two in 2008.I'm looking forward to it, especially as it will be interesting to see how their live set changes.
In the meantime you can still catch the Christmas fun as the band have a few more UK shows to play.
Check out their My Space page for details...

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