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3rd February 2012 06:00:00
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Caliban - I Am Nemesis

German hardcore stalwarts Caliban have seemingly been around forever, and I Am Nemesis is no less than their ninth full length. The problem is, quite what have they done in all this time? Once again they have put together a very accomplished record full of meaty riffs, brutal breakdowns and even a good tune or two - but have failed to produce anything that sets them apart from the crowd.

There is certainly a degree of evolution with I Am Nemesis, with the introduction of more prominent keyboards, soaring guitar lines and depth in atmosphere but this only means that Caliban are merely catching up with the post-hardcore mob. I Am Nemesis is not exactly going to set the world aflame; it is no more than a solid effort from a solid band, but there will be far worse this year.
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