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9th February 2012 09:59:00
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Goapele - Break of Dawn

Goapele is back after a six year hiatus, with a much-delayed album which sees the R&B songstress showcasing more of her suave vocals and smooth ballads. Opener ‘Play’ has a jolty, almost unsettling vibe to it, a basic finger click accompanied by a deep reverberating bass line as the backdrop to Goapele’s sexy, sultry tones. She sounds breathless, the lilt to her voice stops it being overly provocative - it's her subtlety which makes her incredibly easy to like.

The songs are well constructed, a given with production from Kanye West and Malay (John Legend and Mary J. Blige). Yet Break of Dawn focuses purely on Goapele’s ability to serenade, rather than the slick layering and instrumental build ups. ‘Tears on My Pillow’ is a melancholy piano-led ballad, bound to draw Alicia Keys comparisons. Her voice builds in strength over the course of the track, becoming an empowering lament for the heartbroken. Accentuated by some neat drum fills, this is the kind of track you could imagine Bridget Jones air-drumming and wailing along to through tears, alone in her flat. ‘Money’ picks up the pace, featuring a funky upstroke guitar rhythm, making it a stand out track on an otherwise slightly monotonous set. Slap bass and layered vocals give a playful feel, and Goapele pushes her voice further than usual. The erratic beat falls just shy of being too complicated, reaching a faltering yet satisfying climax.

As a whole, the album has a laid-back, chilled vibe to it - perfectly suited to a lazy Sunday afternoon, although some may feel it's too much like something your Dad might present to your Mum for Valentine's Day.
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