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10th February 2012 11:41:00
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New video from Birdy

15 year old songstress, Birdy (AKA Jasmine Van den Bogaerde) returns with her fourth single. Taken from her self-titled debut album, Ď1901í will be released through 14th Floor/Atlantic Records on 5 March.

On the recording process of '1901', Birdy commented, ďWhen I first started putting it together, I didnít think this one was going to work, because the original by Phoenix is such an upbeat song, and itís quite hard to work out the notes because thereís so many instruments in it. And I to be honest, I just didnít think it would suit me at all. But itís turned out to be one of my favourites, because itís quite different from the rest of the songs. I really like it.Ē

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