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17th February 2012 06:00:00
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TMF meets Long Distance Calling

Having landed themselves the coveted support slot for Protest The Hero’s upcoming UK jaunt, we grabbed a quick word with bassist Jan Hoffmann from German instrumental post-rock heavyweights Long Distance Calling.

How are the preparations for the tour coming along?

We are really looking forward to this tour and we are currently rehearsing for the shows as well as writing new songs for the next record. Busy times!

What can people expect from your set? Any surprises?

Maybe we will try a new song but that’s not set yet, but we will try to play a most energetic set as possible. We are surrounded by very technical bands… We are a pretty heavy live band, so people should expect a diverse, atmospheric and heavy set!

You've played with a wide range of acts, why do you think you appeal to such varying audiences?

I think it's because we are an instrumental band. If we had a metal singer, the indie/alternative fans would have a problem with this and vice versa. This is nothing that we planned when we started the band (we just didn’t find a good vocalist) and now we are very happy with this fact, it allows us to play the most diverse tours and shows such as Deftones, Dredg, ...Trail Of Dead, Opeth, Katatonia, Anathema and now Protest The Hero, it's great!

Who has been the most fun to tour with?

Well, all tours are cool, but the tours with Opeth and Anathema were the funniest ones, because the people in the bands are just very, very funny and nice guys.

Where have been the best towns and venues to play?

In the UK or in general? Well, in Germany it was Münster, Karlsruhe and Cologne so far, and in the UK it was probably London and Glasgow, we had some great shows there. We like to tour the UK, it’s a great music country and we want to be recognized.

Tell us you're best/funniest/weirdest story from touring.

There’s a lot! This would fill a book, but probably it’s the one where we loaded the van one night before the tour with Dredg and the next morning the car, including all the backline, had been towed away because we had parked in a disabled parking space during the night… This was an expensive one.

What's next for the band? Any plans concerning album number four yet?

Well like I said before, we started songwriting already and we will probably hit the studio in the autumn, we can’t wait to do the next album! The last one is still doing very well and of course we still love to play the songs live, but as a musician you are always already in the mindset for the next album, once the current one is released.

Who would like to come and do guest vocals for you next?

We have done a list in our minds with a couple of names and we already confirmed guest vocals but it’s way too early to tell any names, let’s keep this a secret.

Finally, if you could record with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Everybody in the band would say something totally different but for me it would probably be Maynard from Tool or Beth Gibbons from Portishead.

Long Distance Calling's tour with Protest The Hero starts on March 2nd at Cardiff University. Find out more about Long Distance Calling at their official website -