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23rd February 2012 06:00:00
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Azari & III

Having taken the dance floors by storm last year, Canadian quartet Azari & III have unveiled their self-titled debut. The brainchild of production duo Dinamo Azari and Alphonse Alixander Lanza III, Azari & III is a horribly bland and derivative effort, a constant stream of repetitive synth patterns and simplistic beats – I'm sure a few of them are old Casio pre-sets from back in the day, complete with the utterly terrible fake handclaps that drove me insane even at the age of eleven.

Very much revisiting the house heydays of the early 90s when a new era of cheap digital synthesizers heralded a wave of programmed tunes, every song follows exactly the same blueprint of a monotonous 4/4 beat and a two bar synth line with occasional effects added, interchanged with a bass-driven breakdown. Most then have wispy, watery vocals hovering over the top with about as much draw as an ant in a box. It is only the retro value they now possess that has launched them, propelled by clubbers too young to remember it the first time around.
About Dominic Hemy
The team's resident oddball (he takes offence to the term "village idiot", favouring "geek"), Dominic has a healthy love of the weird and wonderful end of the musical spectrum - and an intense dislike of copycats. Dabbles in psychedelic and folk musics for relaxing times, but prefers it loud, strange, and preferably with an average song length in the twenties.