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27th February 2012 06:10:00
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Napalm Death - Utilitarian

In an age where extreme music has become largely normalised, it is nice to get a real good kicking from a record every once in a while. And with Utilitarian, veterans Napalm Death have rediscovered true boundary-defying extremity that is both depravedly violent, and refreshingly different. More furious, more relentless and more abusive than anything they've done in over two decades, Utilitarian echoes those halcyon days of yore when Napalm Death were the leaders of the emerging grindcore scene, playing faster, harder and louder than anyone else.

Twenty five years after the legendary Scum album very nearly became their only true document, they race through a flurry of riffs and inhuman barks with an assurance and skill most pretenders to the throne lack. Utilitarian is instantly recognisably Napalm Death, but new elements continue to be absorbed into the sound, whether it's the industrial tinge of 'Blank Look About Face' or the gothic undertones of 'Fall On Their Swords'. Everyone take note, the originators are well and truly back, and here to beat the daylights out of us all.
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