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2nd March 2012 06:10:00
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Death - Vivus

As part of the continuing series of Death reissues, Vivus! brings together two live recordings from the final days of the band. Both of these shows have seen the light of day before as separate releases, and unlike previous episodes, there is rather disappointingly nothing new for the long-time fan. In particular, it would have been nice if the Dynamo Open Air set had been fully restored without the irritating fades and remixed to sound less like a second rate bootleg and more like the fierce show it must have been on the day.

Thankfully the show from the infamous Whisky A Go Go in LA is of top quality, and serves nicely as a quick highlights package of Death's influential career - whilst also capturing as well as any live album the ferocity and spectacle of this special band live. This may not be an essential purchase for the Death diehard, but Vivus! is a pretty good entry point for those curious about this legendary band, illustrating vividly why Chuck Schuldiner came to be so revered, both before and after his own death.
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