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9th March 2012 06:00:00
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Soulfly - Enslaved

There is nothing badly wrong with the individual elements that make up the new Soulfly album Enslaved, but as a complete piece of work, it all falls a bit flat. By the band's high standards, this is a touch disappointing. The eleven tracks are ferocious slabs of modern thrash metal that, whilst sadly lacking the Brazilian tribal feel that has elevated the band above many of their peers for over a decade (resulting I suspect from the change in drummer), remain distinctly Soulfly - with Max Cavalera's viciously raw vocals and primeval riffs underlying Marc Rizzo's wild flourishes.

The over-riding issue with Enslaved is one of momentum, or the lack thereof. Without fail, every song builds up a head of steam that should barrel through from start to finish, but long fades, a lack of continuity and poor sequencing means it is abruptly halted every four minutes. The aforementioned dulling of the Latin influences is a loss that will be mourned by fans, but is not ultimately a terminal failure as the likes of 'Redemption Of Man By God' and 'Plato O Plomo' still stand up as great tunes that sit comfortably in the Soulfly catalogue. But Enslaved could, and should, be so much more exhilarating.
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