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9th March 2012 06:10:00
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The Decemberists - We Raise Our Voices To The Air

Live albums are tricky things. They must both convey the excitement and spontaneity of the concert yet at the same time be close enough to the recorded material to please the listener at home (usually the ones who didn't fork out for a ticket.) Well, for Portland, Oregon band The Decemberists this appears to be child's play.

With a set list that changes daily, no two Decemberists shows are ever the same, thus We Raise Our Voices To The Air is a composite of several shows performed during their The King Is Dead tour last year. A riotous version of 'The Infanta' from 2005's Picaresque opens the show, with the subsequent set list spanning their impressive career - including all the best bits from the new album like 'Rox In The Box' and the stirring 'This is Why We Fight'. The band then finish things off with the crowd favourite 'The Mariner's Revenge Song'; the climatic death scene has the audience joining in with screams of terror. We Raise Our Voices To The Air is a cracking live album, yet it may be quite upsetting for some: those who wish they could see the show all over again, and those kicking themselves for not getting that ticket.
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