Incorporating The Music Fix
14th March 2012 06:00:00
Posted by Sophie Coletta

Tanlines - Mixed Emotions

New York-based production duo Tanlines began in late 2008, when Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm decided they didn’t like their respective bands anymore. Four years and various singles, remixes, and two EPs later, they have finally concocted their first full-length album, Mixed Emotions. The record consciously lives up to its name; shifting constantly between melancholy and upbeat like an overemotional 15-year-old. Whilst you would probably want to punch said teenager in the face, this album provides a refreshing diversity of sound rather than a wailing chorus of ‘life’s not fair’ and disturbing echoes of slamming doors.

Mixed Emotions offers an organic Caribbean wave of occasional steel drums and bongos mixed with warm synths, a thudding kick drum, and a peppering of piano - a recipe for nostalgic sentiment for 80s pop. ‘All of Me’ is a tropical funk anthem, complete with addictive chorus, whilst ‘Not the Same’ sounds like something nicked from Tears for Fears. Friendly Fires probably did the tropical-dance revival more successfully, but with another inevitably anti-climactic summer looming, it’s worth giving this one a listen, if just to cheer you up in advance of the sodden April-August coming our way.