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9th April 2012 06:00:00
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Halestorm - The Strange Case Of...

It seems every generation of teenage girls need their rebellious, sexy icon, and Lzzy Hale of Pennsylvania's Halestorm is putting together a very strong case to be the next poster girl. Second album The Strange Case Of... certainly kicks off in explosive fashion as singles 'Love Bites (So Do I)' and 'Mz Hyde' marry some seriously meaty riffs with Lzzy's powerful yet melodious voice. Her ferocity comes across rather scarily in the "up yours" highlight 'I Miss The Misery' as she spits out experiences on rough sex and tempestuous fights as the punk-laced guitars fire up a storm.

But come 'In Your Room' it all becomes rather sober, the massive metal guitars replaced by acoustic pickings and soppy pianos. From a fresh, vibrant record with something to say, suddenly The Strange Case Of... becomes a clichéd-filled Alanis Morissette rip-off. Halestorm never lose that knack for a good tune, but despite a few attempts towards the end of the album, they never even get close to the near-perfect mix of poppy melody and truly ball-breaking wrath that make the first four tracks some of the best "angry girl music" for a long time.
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