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10th May 2012 06:00:00
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PHILM - Harmonic

It's not often that I really struggle to listen to an album all the way through - even just the once - but PHILM's debut offering Harmonic is so stupefyingly dull and horrific-sounding that a genuine effort was required to stick it out. As someone who enjoys, even celebrates, self-indulgent music at times, even this goes too far as all the tracks meander along spreading boredom and misery in their wake. A few nice punky, funky riffs are lost in a mire of uniform drudgery and an ill-fitting mediocre pace that is stunningly soporific.

But the real heinous crime is the quality of the recording; music played four doors down is clearer and more immediate than Harmonic – I've heard bedroom demos knocked together by folks with no expertise be livelier than this. The most shocking thing is that the trio involved definitely know better than this, much better; PHILM is made up of Slayer's Dave Lombardo, bassist Pancho Tomaselli of War, and Gerry Nestler who fronts Civil Defiance, making Harmonic an unforgivably poor effort from three supremely talented and vastly experienced musicians.
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