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20th June 2012 06:00:00
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Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

To match the rather grim weather outside, this summer is shaping up to be something of a delight for death metal fans, and the return of Dying Fetus will be welcomed by many. Not for the faint-hearted, Reign Supreme is every bit as gory and deranged as you could hope for from a band so named. To the uninitiated, this is the stereotype from which the mocking emerges with the utterly unintelligible vocals, seemingly tuneless thrashing of guitars and impossibly fast drumming, but listen a bit closer and the brilliant musicianship is there for all to hear.

Reign Supreme won't have the diehards clamouring to hail this as a masterpiece, or even the band’s best work, but enjoy it they certainly will. Dying Fetus have produced a solid but unspectacular record, unrelenting in its ferocity and headbangability yet without a single surprise or deviation from the standard blueprint. There is a tough balance between a crisp, clear sound that imparts the brutality and an essential rawness that captures the bloodlust, and everyone will have a different opinion as to whether they have got it quite right here. Whatever the misgivings might be, DF certainly aren't far off the mark.
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