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23rd July 2012 13:00:00
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Emilie Autumn - Fight Like A Girl

The transitional period between the release of Emilie Autumn’s fantasy-laden debut album Enchant and its reaffirming 2006 follow up Opheliac is one that has already been well documented. Emilie herself has been quite vocal about her troubled past, although admirably she has fought back her demons and has channelled her experiences into something of far greater effect.

And it’s all been building toward a massive undertaking as Emilie ventures into stage production. Fight Like A Girl, then, is ultimately a precursor to a West End musical set to debut next year, in turn based upon up Emilie’s semi-autobiographical novel The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. On that basis it’s a little tricky to call at times. FLAG finds itself sandwiched between her idiosyncratic electronic/classic/industrial sounds and a musical narrative which is all-too-befitting of some stage majesty. All the same, there’s no real faulting Emilie’s lyrics here, which while tackling a serious subject such as mental illness, manages to treat it respectfully while also balancing its darker side with moments of fun. Growling statements will be met with sweet melancholy and dashes of the blackest humour as the album’s tale unfolds, and indeed it’s quite an emotional journey at times, through its empowering themes which manage to see it end on a fittingly positive note.

With Emilie taking on most of the duties, however, it is a little disappointing to not find contributions from other artists, who would no doubt add a little more spice to the various characters cropping up here and there. I imagine that will be rectified come next year with The Bloody Crumpets in tow and hopefully a host of other support. So while it’s a little difficult to shake off Fight Like A Girl as being a teaser of better things to come it does nonetheless boast an incredible amount of ambition and cohesiveness, showing its creator becoming more confident with each outing and perhaps an artist who has found her true calling.
Track List
1. Fight Like A Girl
2. Time for Tea
3. 4. o'Clock Reprise
4. What Will I Remember
5. Take the Pill
6. Girls! Girls! Girls!
7. I Don't Understand
8. We Want Them Young
9. If I Burn
10. Scavenger
11. Gaslight
12. The Key
13. Hell Is Empty
14. Gaslight Reprise
15. Goodnight Sweet Ladies
16. Start Another Story
17. One Foot in Front of the Other
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