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10th September 2012 06:00:00
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Lucy Rose - Like I Used To

Given the plethora of acoustic singer-songwriters on the radio at the moment, you’d be forgiven for assuming that we’d heard the best of the Ed Sheeran-spearheaded folk-pop phenomenon. Take to the stage, Lucy Rose, long time Bombay Bicycle Club collaborator turned one woman acoustic guitar-welding machine. Breaking the mould with her penchant for simplicity when it comes to song structure, Lucy’s debut album Like I Used To is eleven solid tracks of empowering yet equally vulnerable folk-pop.

Reaching high notes with utmost ease, Lucy Rose lets her voice take centre stage to her backing band. Where acoustic music sometimes attempts to make up for its stripped back ethos with confusing guitar intricacies, Like I Used To sticks to the basics, with her lazy, swooning tones consuming the listener. ‘Watch Over’ lets the percussion take over for a while with a jumping tempo creating a rhythmic freshness, whilst opening track ‘Red Face’ takes a more serious stance with its chanting mantra of ‘Take what you want and leave what you didn’t need’. Lyrically she is occasionally clichéd (See: ‘These wounds won’t heal’) but generally inoffensive. Expect Laura Marling levels of adulation- Lucy Rose might be taking on a saturated genre, but she is clearly sitting at the top of the pile.

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