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26th September 2012 06:00:00
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Mumford & Sons - Babel

It's been a hell of a journey for Mumford & Sons and it's doubtful that even they understand just how they went from being a bunch of young nu-folkies playing to tiny, but enthusiastic, crowds back in 2009, to the arena-filling, global superstars they now undoubtedly are.

Three years on, the follow up to a huge grossing debut finally hits the shelves - and it's exactly the kind of album you might have expected. Full of harmonies and lilting pop-folk ditties that rise to powerful crescendos and, oh the banjos! Lots and lots of banjos! It makes for an enjoyably carefree listen but, given the ubiquitous nature of the début, it's a listen you can't but help feel you've had before. Only on the double hitter of the gloriously rambunctious 'Hopeless Wanderer' and the moving 'Broken Crown' do the boys really let rip and show their worth. These two in particular are sure to become live staples in double quick time.

So. Babel. A pleasant way of passing the time and an album sure to sell by the bucket load. But is it anything more than Sigh No More part 2? Probably not. But why deviate from the well proven path? Perhaps they will be a little more adventurous when it comes to album number three, but this do will certainly do for now.

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Track List
1. Babel
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. I Will Wait
4. Holland Road
5. Ghosts That We Knew
6. Lovers of the Light
7. Lovers' Eyes
8. Reminder
9. Hopeless Wanderer
10. Broken Crown
11. Below My feet
12. Not With Haste
-- more --
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