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28th October 2012 18:00:00
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Singles of the Week

A brief selection this week but with Halloween just around the corner, still enough time for some tricks among the treats.

Reverend And The Makers - What Goes Around
'What Goes Around', the latest track to be taken from Reverend And The Makers' third album @reverend_makers, is about as wet as they come. Whether it's the slurred vocal delivery or the uninspired retro synth backing, it's a wholly unmemorable effort. (IS)

John Wean - M.A.P.
Let not parochialism enter the fray, but we are always likely to give a Scottish act the benefit of the doubt - unless it's Deacon Blue, obviously. On, 'M.A.P.', Uddingston's John Wean are at the more populist end of the Biffy Clyro spectrograph, with Conor Cartwright unafraid to let his accent come through in this tale of brief romance and the troubles it can bring. It doesn't re-invent the wheel, but it's got enough about it to cut through a crowded marketplace. (DB)

Duologue - ‘Underworld/Zeros’
Cracking double A-side single from London band Duologue. 'Zero' creeps in with its distorted guitar giving it a slight Middle Eastern vibe, menacing and utterly captivating. 'Underworld' is quieter and more subtle, synths replacing guitar and the focus on the vocals while the moody music swirls behind. A real winner. (OS)

Robbie Williams - Candy
We'd be lying if we said there wasn't something to be admired about 'Candy', the first track taken from Robbie Williams' ninth studio album Take The Crown (out Nov 5th). Boosted no doubt by Gary Barlow's co-writing, there's a joyfulness to its wilfully upbeat nature that if not infectious, is certainly irritatingly catchy and while a world away from the likes of 'Let Me Entertain You' and 'Angels', we can't help but kind-of like it. (IS)

Single of the Week

Lowell - Kids
Propelled by a wonderful marching drumbeat, the lead single from Lowell's debut mini-album If You Can Solve This Jumble heralds a formidable new talent. Working with three members of the Apparatjik collective, 'Kids' is a beautifully atmospheric track with Lowell's stunning vocals taking centre stage before a cacophony of percussion sees us out in frenetic, but perfectly judged, fashion. Exceptional. (IS)

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