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8th November 2012 15:12:00
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The Cut Ups - Building Bridges, Starting Here

There is a real dearth of young, politically charged bands on the circuit at the moment and the recent demise of The King Blues has only added to the malaise. Fortunately this second album from Exeter DIY punks The Cut Ups has gone some way to filling the void with a thirty minute album of bouncy punk rock laced with a political nous absent from so much of what is around at the moment.

Sure, the reference points are easy to spot, from the raucous Billy Bragg-esque opener ‘Exeter’, galloping Bad Religion type riffs of ‘The Gold War’ through to ‘Another Bad Mood’ that has you pining for the late, great Kirsty MacColl but, when the songs are performed with as much gusto and sheer enjoyment as displayed here then, quite frankly, who cares? With Building Bridges, Starting Here, The Cut Ups have delivered a sure fire winner that any self respecting punk should have in their collection.

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