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18th November 2012 21:50:00
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Kate Nash - Death Proof EP

Now apparently forging a truly independent path (she's crowd funding her next album) Kate Nash delivers this new five-track EP to keep her audience engaged in the meantime. Sonically, it's an extension of her drift towards upbeat garage-pop which thankfully doesn't abandon her inherent gift for a catchy melody.

You will most probably have seen the Halloween-themed video for 'Fri-end', but the EP's strongest effort is its title track, the sinister Dick Dale-isms of the verses contrasting with the bubblegum chorus - suggesting Nash is not content to simply ape the punkier and New Wave artists she's currently devouring. The wheels come off a little with the somewhat cliched Riot Grrl yelps of 'I Want a Boyfriend With a Car' and while a re-tread of 'All Day And All of the Night' may not initially entice, it eventually picks up some momentum and Nash transforms the track into a minor femme-love anthem. Closer 'May Queen', with its simple voice and Bontempi arrangement may ultimately prove to be a more intriguing artistic destination.

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