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21st November 2012 12:26:00
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Prosperina - Faith In Sleep

Wales might not be known as a heartland of stoner rock, but new trio Prosperina are defying geography on debut record Faith In Sleep as they bid to bring a little of the Palm Desert to the valleys. The sombre, crunching riffs instantly latch into that monumental groove that so defines this genre, but Gethin Woolcock's soaring vocals serve to alleviate the gloom somewhat, giving Faith In Sleep a lighter, less paranoid air than many of the recognised classics.

Whether this is a good or bad move is a matter of personal taste, but it is very welcome to hear a young band do more than simply copy Kyuss for the umpteenth time. Prosperina have immediately marked themselves out as ones to take a few steps forward and do something a little different, and tracks like 'Arcanum' and 'Rebirth' will be lapped up by those enthralled with this brand of music. Amen (or whatever the Welsh equivalent is) to that.
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