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22nd November 2012 06:00:00
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Amenra - Mass V

Post-hardcore in extremis, Belgium noisemongers Amenra have spent years building up a fearsome reputation for taking the screaming bile and crushing riffs of the genre and slowing them right down to rapture-inducing dirges of monolithic proportions. Mass V is no aural downer dose of doom, the pulsating hatred is simply too strong and vehement to provoke blackened thoughts and blinding depression; instead it rages against the skies with unbridled fury.

Any brief moments of quiet introspection, such as the country-tinged opening to 'Nowena I 9.10', are quickly drowned out by another explosion of deafening malice. But these small pools of calm only serve to magnify the sheer ferocity the rest of the music is imbued with. It takes a few spins to unleash its full majesty, but Mass V grows into this otherworldly and transcendal beast - whilst also becoming frighteningly real, that nightmare you are certain just moved out of sight as you opened your eyes.
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The team's resident oddball (he takes offence to the term "village idiot", favouring "geek"), Dominic has a healthy love of the weird and wonderful end of the musical spectrum - and an intense dislike of copycats. Dabbles in psychedelic and folk musics for relaxing times, but prefers it loud, strange, and preferably with an average song length in the twenties.