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25th November 2012 18:00:00
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Singles of the Week

Slim pickings this week, the calm before the christmas single storm perhaps, but it's likely we'd have seen the same winner in any other week. What track you ask? Read on to find out.

Wild Swim - Echo
Starting off as a post rock soundscape reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky, 'Echo' crashes in to a more conventional indie rock style before easing back in to a restrained finale that makes for an enjoyably assured debut from this Oxford quintet. (GB)

Klak Tik - Reborn
A rich and gently lilting piece of modern folk music that would be far more enjoyable without the irksome banjo that lends it an unnecessary similarity to a certain Mumford and Sons. (GB)

Reborn by Klak Tik

The Script - Six Degrees Of Separation
So it seems that Irish bloke from The Voice has developed a potty mouth. That's about the only notable aspect to this risible, cliche-riddled effort from The Script. You can see what 'Six Degrees Of Separation' is trying for, an emotional, soaring piano-led ballad, but it just ends up coming across as cheesy. Don't even get us started on that slow-mo video. Dreadful. (IS)

Revere - Keep This Channel Open
Revere won some kind of 'Battle of the Bands'-thing courtesy of Channel 5. This never bodes well, but 'Keep This Channel ...' has an early Killers vibe of a kind you wish the Las Vegas quartet still traded in. It's a comparison that carries on with 'These Halcyon Days' and once you notice Revere appear to have seven members, the live experience becomes suddenly intriguing. (DB)

Single of the Week

Little Green Cars - The John Wayne
A quite wonderful slowburner with flashes of Arcade Fire at their most sweeping, 'The John Wayne' from Dublin five-piece Little Green Cars puts in a strong late claim to be one of the tracks of 2012. Everything from the harmonised vocals to the staggered guitars is first-rate, delivering five minutes of pure musical joy. Stunning. (IS)

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