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3rd December 2012 10:27:00
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Björk - Bastards

Given the recent news that Björk has done an Adele and undergone throat surgery to remove a polyp from her vocal cords, it's a relief to be hearing that unique voice going for it even on 'just' a remix album. Of course, last year's Biophilia was never a conventional release by any means (songs inspired by nature recorded with specially created instruments then released as iPad apps), so complementary remix project Bastards feels like another chance to assess the same songs given a different reading.

Anyone familiar with the joyfully eccentric Icelandic's body of work will know she's never been afraid to incorporate elements of dance and electronica into her music, even when she's been at her most organic. Therefore, Bastards is not a radically different beast, although new sonic inflections brought to the pre-existing precision of beats, clicks, whirs and whistles means it is a commendable extension - and one that devotees will no doubt require. Omar Souleyman's trio of interpretations stand out due to the implementation of traditional Arabic instruments, but the brooding yet blissfully brilliant cacophony offered up by the likes of Matthew Herbert and These New Puritans makes many of these remixes ones you'll want to replay.
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