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4th December 2012 09:44:00
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Singles of the Week

This week's singles seem just a little bit fishy - and as there are only two we're not going to pick a winner...

JAWS - Surround You / Stay In
Decent double effort from Birmingham four-piece JAWS who drew attention with demo track 'Cameron' earlier this year. 'Stay In' is the stronger of the two with a nice driving guitar rhythm and while the vocals verge on the dreary at times, they manage to just about stay on the right side of irritating. (IS)

fiN - Life Is Wasted On The Living / Lucky You
Another impressive salvo from London rockers fiN ahead of the release of their debut album next year. 'Lucky You' is the emotive side to 'Life Is Wasted On The Living' with its unashamedly big chorus, destined to be (and in fact already is) a sing along favourite at live shows. Both tracks showcase different sides to this hugely exciting new act and, perhaps most excitingly, they deliver in spades with both. (IS)

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