Incorporating The Music Fix
13th December 2012 15:07:00
Posted by Rebecca Clough

San Cisco - Beach EP

What would you get if you threw Beach House and The Go Team into a blender? Well, if you guessed “The title track of San Cisco’s Beach EP,” you would be quite correct. The record kicks off with the 80s-esque ‘Beach’ with Jordi Davieson (lead vocals) joined by Scarlett Stevens (drums and vox) for the catchiest chorus you'll have have heard for a while. The fun continues with ‘Golden Revolver’, a bouncy, happy tune with bell-like guitar, tambourines and a cheerfully unpolished sound to the group vocals.

The Australian four-piece band show that they are capable of more than just experimental pop, with the beautifully mellow and heartfelt ‘Reckless.’ The final track is the ridiculously cheerful ‘Lover’. (Warning: This will get stuck in your head. Forever.) It would be easy to dismiss a chorus that goes “wa do da do, do do da do...” as the kind of simple, infectious pop that pleased teens of a previous generation, but San Cisco take it further, with lyrics suggesting a more complex story. Nevertheless, this doesn’t detract from the fact that this is the most effervescently joyful song you’re likely to hear outside of Vampire Weekend.