Incorporating The Music Fix
16th December 2012 21:30:00
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Singles of the Week

Well, not a hell of a lot to choose from this week, but as this is the last Singles Of The Week until 2013 (or forever, if the Mayans are right) then we couldn't just leave you with nothing. So behold our short but sweet selection. It's quality not quantity that counts.

Robbie Williams - Different
Have no idea how the Robbie album was received (I was down the dogs or something) but this sounds alright - and a RW video is always worth a watch. (DB)

Diamond Rugs - Gimme A Beer / Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant
This double-sided single from Rhode Island band Diamond Rugs would be fitting additions to your Christmas playlist. 'Gimme A Beer' is just fun, irrelevant 80's indie trash pop The Replacements might have penned. 'Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant' is a sad and rather sardonic Tom Waits meets Paul Westerberg "down on my luck" ballad, with a boozy piano, wheezing sax and very clever lyrics. Good stuff. (OS)

Single of the Week
Well since I have supreme power this week I chose the lovely melancholy of Dog Is Dead cos dammit I like it.

Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter
I imagine people in offices thought Dog Is Dead would be bigger. Certainly 'Teenage Daughter' has a certain 'big at a festival' air. They probably need to get on a TV advert. (DB)