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7th January 2013 06:00:00
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Southern Tenant Folk Union - Hello Cold Goodbye Sun

There is something unsettling about Southern Tenant Folk Union's latest album, the haunting Hello Cold Goodbye Sun. The album plays out like a series of vignettes - macabre and slightly creepy, yet beautiful and fascinating, like all good ghost stories.

The Scottish troupe begin with the short but sweet 'Goodbye Sun', the warm rich tones of the guitars, mandolin and violins contrasts nicely with the spectral voices. The wonderful 'Dark Passage' follows, dark and sad, Carrie Thomas's fragile childlike voice adding to the song's pathos. Other highlights include 'Crash', inspired by the J.B. Ballard book of the same name, and the gruesome 'Days At The Seaside With Ice Cream' about a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong. These 12 songs creep into your psyche. On the surface they may seem like pretty folk tunes, with the banjos and fiddles skipping merrily along, yet the grim and gloriously morbid tales give an otherwise well-worn musical genre a bit of a twist.
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