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13th January 2013 18:00:00
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Singles of the Week

And we're back. In a week that has seen David Bowie majestically return and all-but lock up track of 2013, it seems that the only prize left fighting for on the singles front is out coveted SOTW crown. Bring on the first contenders.

My Little Empire - Solitude
Another identikit band to fall off the pop-punk treadmill is Hertfordshire quartet My Little Empire. New single 'Solitude' is a pleasant enough tune with enough crunch to get the teeny-boppers to wave their arms, but also lacks any sort of menace to dissuade their dads from dancing along too. (DH)

Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses
The darlings of the British metalcore scene Bring Me The Horizon are back with album four just around the corner. Lead single 'Shadow Moses' is very much more of the same with its big breakdowns and strained vocals being the order of the day in a huge leap absolutely nowhere. (DH)

Josh Kumra - Waiting For You
Having enjoyed a healthy 2012, including tours with the likes of Labrinth, Delilah and Gabrielle Aplin, Josh Kumra is kicking 2013 off in style with the smooth as silk 'Waiting For You'. Containing more of a beat than his previous efforts and a very welcome choral backing, the track is a formidable statement of intent and the first time that we've really felt his strong, soulful vocals have been given the vehicle they deserve. (IS)

Single of the Week

Everything Everything - Kemosabe
The second slice from Everything Everything's excellent second album Arc, 'Kemosabe' is yet further evidence that they are one of the most exciting bands working in the UK today. As with 'Cough' - and indeed anything off of Man Alive - the track won't sway the naysayers, but that's their fault not ours, and certainly not Everything Everything's. (IS)

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