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20th January 2013 20:30:00
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Singles of the Week

With the weather seemingly the topic of every conversation and the cause of many terrible jokes why not get away from it all with this week's selection of singles? They are snow joke...( You're Fired - Ed.)

The Smoking Hearts - Seatbelts
As a primer for their upcoming new album The Smoking Hearts couldn't have done much better that 'Seatbelts'. A no-nonsense slab of homegrown punk/metal that rattles along at 110mph and would have even the most cynical muso banging their head in appreciation. Fast furious and great fun. (GB)

Alpines - Lights
We've always known Alpines can deliver a blissfully dark electro rock hit, and now 'Lights' sees them go sombre with devastating results. About as gorgeous a four minutes of music as we've heard in recent months, it's a track that makes the most of Catherine Pockson's otherworldly vocals, delivering subtle heartbreak. Video packs a punch too. (IS)

Ty Segall - Would You Be My Love
Ty Segall, he's a one-man pop psych conveyor belt, churning out more material than seems humanly possible. Might there be drugs involved? Perhaps! This is pretty cool, man, and if you need an introduction, this is as good as any. (DB)

The Traps - Calypso
Birmingham's The Traps deliver an engaging slice of tropical indie inspired by Homer's 'Odyssey'. A band that can read? We're being spoiled this week! Good stuff! (DB)

This Many Boyfriends - Tina Weymouth
Like us, you thought indie rock's fascination with Talking Heads might've paled by now, but This Many Boyfriends are still waving that particular flag. 'Tina Weymouth' is mannered Brit indie of the kind that we've been turning out since 1984 - and will probably still be turning out in 2024. (DB)

This Many Boyfriends - Tina Weymouth by Angular Recording Co

Duologue - Push It
Edgy and slick, 'Push It' from Duologue is a mash-up of the synth-pop cleverness of Hurts with the dark foreboding power of Depeche Mode. The seductive melody and suave vocals will leave you hooked. Great stuff. (OS)

Some good stuff for so early in the year but there can only be one winner and that is...

Single of the Week

By The Rivers - Take Control
Reggae with a political edge? We'll have some of that. Leicester-based outfit By The Rivers seem to be a quality outfit and, given the climate (both political and meteorological) 'Take Control' is a welcome beacon of smarts. (DB)