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21st January 2013 16:43:00
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Bad Religion - True North

Two years on from their last album nothing much has changed in the world of Bad Religion, but given the state of the world that might be no bad thing. True North provides the usual collection of two and three minute straight ahead punk ditties laced with an articulate political message way beyond the comprehension and ability of the many lightweight, identikit outfits who sometimes get more headlines.

The 16 songs on show rattle by in 35 minutes with the double whammy of ‘Endless Greed’ and ‘Fuck You’, along with the almost epic (by Bad Religion standards) ‘Hello Cruel World’, telling you all that you need to know about the ethics and morality of one of the most politically astute and best damn punk bands to ever come out of the good old US of A. In a world where the gap between them and us is being unrelentingly widened, bands like Bad Religion remain essential in the effort to give voice to the views of the increasingly disenfranchised majority.
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