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22nd January 2013 09:13:00
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Pere Ubu - Lady From Shanghai

Over the course of the 35 years since the release of their brilliant debut The Modern Dance, Pere Ubu have produced some superemely challenging music that was never likely to find many friends in the mainstream. Their latest offering, Lady of Shanghai is no different, but for lovers of genuinely alternative sounds it proves to be a considerable joy.

Opener ‘Thanks’ turns Anita Ward’s disco classic ‘Ring My Bell’ into a menacing and enthralling slice of glitchy electronica while the thudding bass on ‘Feuksly..Ma’am The Hearing’ has an industrial backbeat that should have NIN fans creaming their pants. The epic ‘414 seconds‘, with its fractured goth backbone provides a perfect vehicle to David Thomas’ unnerving storytelling. If none of this convinces then the furiously fractious and darkly humourous ‘Musicians Are Scum’ will surely win the last of the doubters over to the Ubu way of thinking. Unflinching, scratchy and just plain odd, Lady of Shanghai is the work of artistes still at the top of their game.
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