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4th February 2013 06:00:00
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Galoshins - EP1 & EP2

Anyone bemoaning the lack of characters on the indie scene could do worse than check out Gourock's Galoshins, represented here by two EPs-worth of out-there psych that happily channels bits of the Super Furries and The Cravats with more than a smidgeon of C86 creatives like Bogshed or Stump.

Vocalist Mark McPhaill's keyboard stabs centre much of the material, although it might be Ruraidh MacLeod's inventive and mobile drumming that distinguishes Galoshins from being merely another bunch of weird beard chancers. The dark psychedelia of 'Fly On You' is typical: Vincent Price keys take a left turn into Fall-like clatter punk while McPhaill wails a death rattle. 'Dehydrated Sun' shows a capacity for a more melodic side to Galoshins but it still retains a sinister edge ("It's dark and late and you want to go home ..."). Not always an easy listen, but anyone who feels the Celtic fringes are producing more interesting music than the overly studied acts of the big cities may find refuge here.
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