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4th February 2013 06:00:00
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There's not much to really like about this debut from snot-nosed LA punks Fidlar. They're obviously manouevring to take the party hard crown from Andrew WK with tracks like 'Cheap Beer' and 'Cocaine' but the drug-fuelled enthusiasm doesn't fail to hide the fact that the occasional thrills are of the fleeting variety. The former lifts a Cramps riff to boisterous effect and 'Wake Bake Skate' has an undeniable energy but after that the returns are minimal.

'Wait For The Man' sounds a lot like a Von Bondies number and therein lies the problem: the US has been churning out ten-a-penny garage bands for years now, to the point where it's become the American equivalent of being in a band inspired by The Libertines. Probably kick-ass in a club but for the record, file us under 'Bored Now'.
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