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5th February 2013 15:38:00
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Julian Cope - Saint Julian - Deluxe Edition

Having parted company with Mercury Records in 1985, Julian Cope pitched up at Island with a new, ever so slightly off-putting, rock god persona. Any lingering doubts about whether this would mean the end of his psychedelic bent were dispelled as Saint Julian proved to be a work of superb garage-pop bounciness. The infectious 'Trampoline' pulled you into the brave new Cope world and, as the likes of ‘Shot Down’, ‘Spacehopper’ and ‘Pulsar’ barrel along, it's easy to understand how this found favour at the time, securing Cope a #11 chart placing.

The brooding closer ‘Crack In The Clouds’ would normally send you out in to the world with a beaming smile on your face but this long overdue reissue has a second disc of additional material you might actually want to listen to more than once. As well as the usual flurry of b-sides and live versions there are Cope’s superbly realised takes on the 13th Floor Elevators’ ‘I’ve Got Levitation’ and Pere Ubu’s ‘Non-Alignment Pact’ clearly showing what targets he was aiming for. While the quality of his output fluctuated wildly in the intervening years, Saint Julian stands up as a near perfect example of an artist at the peak of his talents.
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