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9th February 2013 12:02:00
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Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper

Standard bearers for a new millennial wave of British metal, Bullet For My Valentine have carved themselves a nice little niche as darlings of young metallers whilst retaining a (small) degree of credibility. Often compared to Trivium, the pair have indeed run along parallel careers appealing to the same crowd. But whereas their American peers have been rather up, then down and very much back up with the quality of their output, the Welsh lads have been the model of good if unspectacular consistency.

Fourth album Temper Temper is not going to surprise anyone, exhibiting as it does what is quintessential Bullet For My Valentine. Matt Tuck's fraught vocals are married to thrashing riffs with a keen sense of melody that belies the heaviness of the guitars, all wrapped up in a powerful production that shows the music off in its best light. Where Temper Temper does move forward is the palpable sense of maturity in the songwriting, distilling down the elements that make BFMV who they are. They craft elegant, compact songs that pack a weighty punch whilst nestling down in the corners of the brain. BFMV continue their steady career trajectory.

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