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11th February 2013 06:00:00
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Milky Wimpshake - Heart and Soul in the Milky Way

If you're old enough to remember Milky Wimpshake, you're old enough to be oh ... at least picking the kids up from secondary school. They released their first tape back in 1994 and have been intermittently issuing their none-more-anorak indie pop ever since. This is their fifth full-length; recorded in a day and with only 500 copies available on vinyl (with no CD version) Heart and Soul in the Milky Way proves they remain true to their independent roots.

For the uninitiated, just think Paul Heaton fronting pretty much any twee pop band you want to mention. There are the inevitable echoes of The Pastels or Jilted John and, as always, frontman Pete Dale shows off a fine line in nostalgia ('Letraset Angles' - "In 1988 you could still buy a packet in Woolworths") and self-deprecating humour on the likes of 'Uncool Jerk' and '(I'm a) Worthless Person' ("Yeah, Yeah!"), aware that this is really not a suitable pursuit for a man in his 40s. Two covers (Jake Thackray, Les Cox [Sportif]) flesh out the running time. A place at this year's Indietracks Festival is almost certainly a shoe-in.
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