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15th February 2013 14:58:00
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Richard Thompson - Electric

With his crisp and clear vocals and truly brilliant guitar playing, Richard Thompson has never failed to enthral and entrance audiences throughout his long an illustrious career and, unlike many of his peers, has never been content to rest on his laurels and just plough through his back catalogue time and again.

Such a refreshing approach to his music pays dividends yet again on new album Electric, a collection of wonderfully written and performed songs that must surely rank among the best of his solo albums, an amazing feat considering it is 40 years since his debut, Henry, The Human Fly. From the folk stomping opener ‘Stony Ground’ through such lilting folk ballads as the uplifting ‘Salford Sunday’ and the darker-edged ‘My Enemy’ there is nary a weak point on display. Perhaps the highlight is the sublime ‘The Snow Goose’, a perfect fusion of Thompson’s aging tones, masterful acoustic guitar and the angelic voice of Alison Krauss whose guest appearance is a perfectly pitched piece of subtle understatement. The aptly titled ‘Saving The Good Stuff For You’ brings proceedings to a close on the standard version of the album but, for those who have forked out for the deluxe edition, the extra disc has another seven more pieces of brilliance to revel in and, for once the extra outlay is worth every penny. Likely to be one of the most enjoyable releases of the 2013.
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