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25th February 2013 06:00:00
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Misty Miller - Girlfriend EP

Back in 2010, TMF Towers got very excited about female rocker Tiffany Page and her soon-to-be-released debut album. Flash forward three years and that album has yet to arrive, and it seems South West Londoner Misty Miller has stolen a march on Page with her latest EP Girlfriend, five tracks of unadulterated rock n roll that has got us very intrigued indeed.

Having recently signed to Sony label Relentless, the momentum is with Miller and it's momentum that is fully warranted. The title track arrests from the off, but greater treats lie deeper in; the standout coming in the form of the excellent, soulful 'Devil' that shows off the very impressive vocals - in turns vulnerable and powerful - of this young Londoner. Yet every track on Girlfriend has something to shout about, from the lower key 'Little Drummer' to the sharp tempo of closer 'Lonesome Cowboy' which also delivers the EP's finest hook. We can't help but be very excited by the possibilities of a Misty Miller full-length, and we just hope she doesn't do a Page on us.
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