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26th February 2013 09:55:00
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Mazes - Ores & Minerals

There is something refreshing about a band who are not willing to sit on their laurels and repeat the same old schtick time after time. Mazes are, therefore, to be applauded for a stab at the vogue for languid, early 70s psychedelia instead of the enjoyably raucous garage pop of their debut, A Thousand Heys. One problem: Ores & Minerals is a rather dull and aimless effort, bereft of the energy and thrill that made the aforementioned debut so much fun.

The pleasantly off-kilter start to ‘Bodies’ kicks proceedings off pleasantly enough but is extended way beyond its natural life to a mind-melting seven minutes. Things don’t get any better after that as track after track meanders by with nothing resembling a decent hook to get you even remotely engaged. Maybe this will turn out to be an aberration and Mazes will eventually return to making the type of life-affirming music they are clearly capable of, but this is an album that is likely to be left unloved on the shelves of many a disappointed fan.
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