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4th May 2013 06:00:00
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"Welcome to the inner workings of my mind," notes Lizzy Plapinger on opener 'Hurricane', yet for fans it should almost read 'welcome back' to SECONDHAND RAPTURE, the debut album from New York duo MS MR. By front-loading the album with all four tracks from breakthrough EP Candy Bar Creep Show and recent single 'Fantasy', there's a definite sense of déjà vu. However, familarity certainly doesn't dent the songs' thrills, from the fantastically dark 'Bones' - utilised by Sky on their Game of Thrones trailers - to the delectable, finger-clicking 'Dark Doo Wop'. If anything, the commanding nature of the start almost threatens to make the rest of the album falter by comparison.

Fortunately, the duo are savvy enough to realise that one note is one note, regardless of how well it's played, so instead of trying to replicate the opening salvo, they spend the rest of the album chopping and changing with tempos and styles. Granted, this is done with varying results; when they go for the dramatic (the beautifully eerie 'Twenty Seven'), they nail it, as opposed to when they slow things down to a leisurely, reggae-tinged tone ('Salty Sweet') and come up with the album's prominent misfire. Whatever musical avenue they traverse though, the vocals remain constant throughout, in turns alluring and dangerous yet frequently captivating. They're the glue that holds SECONDHAND RAPTURE together, resulting in an assured and auspicious debut that is never less than involving.
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