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27th September 2013 14:48:00
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Blitzen Trapper - VII

After experiencing a moment of lassitude on their last album, 2011's American Goldwing, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper are back in fine form with VII, another clever collection of their own brand of indie-tinged country and folk-rock. The album calls to mind career high Destroyer of the Void, gathering more tall tales sung in Eric Early's earnest twang.

Overall the album has a playful, carefree feel. C&W flavoured tunes such the funky 'Feel The Chill' and the very lovely 'Don't Be A Srranger' top and tail things, while weird off-beat tracks like 'Shine On' and the oddity that is the Beck-ish 'Oregon Geography' intermingle with soul-searching numbers like 'Thirsty Man' and 'Ever Loved Once' ("I got to find out if you only love once or does love keep coming to call.") VII is vintage Blitzen Trapper that should reassure old fans - and maybe even win them some new ones. Nice to see them back on track.
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