Incorporating The Music Fix
12th October 2011 09:33:00
Posted by Freddy Palmer

Tubelord - R O M A N C E

When ‘Over In Brooklyn’ kicks off the latest album from Kingston-Upon-Thames based Tubelord, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was going to be some unbearably sweet jaunt through pop-punk and, while the band certainly know their way around a catchy melody, there’s enough twists and shifts to keep the listener guessing.

From big anthemic chords to sugary bounce and playful synthesizers, these guys don’t seem to be content in staying in one place too long. Taking a heavier, pointier route on ‘Go Old’, the track leaps in with distorted guitars before moving into a soaring chorus and frantic drums, while ‘My First Castle’ has a happy-go-lucky sing-along over springy bass guitar and child-like electronic sounds. The changes in style aren’t as sharp and off-putting as you might imagine, ears quickly becoming accustomed to the joyfully erratic nature of the band’s sound. With tracks as infectiously good as this, it’s hard not to be charmed by Tubelord’s prog-pop racket.