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13th December 2011 09:00:00
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fade - Kings Of Dawn

Kings Of Dawn, the sixth studio EP from the U.S./Japanese rock outfit fade (available via digital download from December 23rd), collects seven tracks as they set out to leave a mark on European and American soil. Admittedly it doesn’t do anything to break new ground; wearing its influences proudly on its sleeve, it’s little more than a harmless melding of power metal and eighties hard rock, no doubt set to entertain enthusiasts but being nowhere near as edgy as some of the inserted naughty words might suggest.

With their exceedingly catchy choruses, offerings such as ‘Born Ready’ and ‘Tides Of Change’ stand out amongst the more cynical numbers while, in a rare turn, lead singer Jon Underdown - also known for his work with Gackt’s Yellow Fried CHICKENz band - provides Japanese vocals for ‘Cosmicalism’. Faltering toward the end, the band’s cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ can be summed up as a fairly lifeless effort, though there is some redemption to be had with the final song ‘face’ (unplugged version), showing that there is indeed a little heart here after all.
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