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16th January 2012 09:00:00
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Aborted - Global Flatline

"What's on today's agenda? Ah yes, evisceration!" A more apt quote there is not from Aborted's latest grotesque offering, Global Flatline, a most-gruesome introduction to the New Year indeed as these tales of spilled fluids and maimed bodies rattle along like the severed remains in the boot of your car. After a complete personnel overhaul, Sven de Caluwe leads his new recruits in a tour de force of some of the goriest death metal this side of 1991, a horrifyingly sick and very twisted blend of jackhammer riffs and stomach-churning lyrics.

Those with a predilection for the more lurid and exaggerated extremities will find a plethora of treats to delight upon in Global Flatline; however, those of a more delicate disposition may wish to steer well clear for fear of any nasty accidents. Whilst this is not the most diverse of albums, it is unrelenting in the sheer heaviness of the music and wild imagination of the disturbing lyrics. Aborted have crafted something of a love poem to the sadistic and vile, Global Flatline is yet another dose of highly enjoyable death metal madness.
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