Incorporating The Music Fix
16th March 2010 06:00:00
Posted by Adrian Mules

Uffie interview

With a string of amazing singles over the last four years, pop starlet Uffie is readying her debut album for release. Adrian interrupted her lunch break to find out more.


Hi Uffie, thanks for chatting to us. How are you today?

I'm good, in Berlin doing promo right now... It's my lunch break!

On the lunch theme, your nickname your nickname of Uffie apparently relates to an egg. What’s the story behind that?

Un oeuf is an oeuf is a petite oeuf! I was always being told enough enough enough... Somehow that became Uffie and I have always been called that by my family and friends.

And when did you first start making music?

It all started with 'Pop The Glock'.

I rushed out to buy ‘Pop The Glock’ after hearing it in 2006, and have picked up all the singles since. How come it’s taken so long to have an album ready?

A mix of things really. I was touring like mad, which was the main reason. But people also seem to forget that 'Pop The Glock' was my first song and first experience as a musical artist. You don't just magically make an album with no experience! I needed the time... You can’t rush that kind of process!

The new video for ‘Pop The Glock’ is amazing. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun making that. Whose house was that set in?

The house that was in Boogie Nights!

I thought it looked familiar! I love your vocal delivery style. How would you describe it and what influenced such a unique sound?

Hip hop, rock, punk, dance, electro... I am a punk at heart, with a massive love and passion for hip hop and I am surrounded by the electronic scene. I am not a proper singer, nor a rapper, it's the medium between and the natural delivery for my voice.

There is a cover of ‘Hong Kong Garden’ by Siouxsie & The Banshees on your forthcoming album. Have you always been a fan of Siouxsie?

Yes, it's one of my favourite songs.

What other artists or bands are you a fan of?

I have recently discovered this guy Demon, he did a fantastic track with Craig Walker... Really fantastic, I can't wait for it to come out!! I also love Dead Prez, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Joy Divison, The Specials and Gorillaz.

You’ve had a lot of collaborations with other musicians. Is there a dream artist you’d like to work with?

Yes but they are all dead...

Let’s talk about they album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. It’s due out in May, what can we expect from it?

Sex dreams!

You are American but now live in France. How do find life in Europe?

I am half English half American. I've lived in Europe longer than I lived in the US, so it's pretty much home to me now.

You’ve done some modelling for Married To The Mob, how did that come about?

Leah is a friend, so we thought it would make a fun night.

You recently had a baby - congratulations. How are you finding motherhood?

Exhausting, to be honest! It's really incredible though. No one could have prepared me for this, the organization that everything you do from taking a shower, to taking a plane takes! Also I have gone days without sleeping, but this is a whole new level of exhaustion! It has also given me a whole new lease on life; I’m forced to get up every morning, to keep myself in good health. I can't do it for me but i can for her... It's a total blessing.

Parenthood is a hard but rewarding job. What do you do to relax?

I don't relax...

I’ll let you get back to your lunch, thanks so much for your time today and good luck with the album release. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Work, work, work, work and work. I fell in love with an amazing guy, so maybe try and have him too?

We swap sandwiches (my mum always packs crab paste) and finish our packed lunch. Uffie returns to shooting her promo as TMF makes it’s way back to the office to circle May on the calender in lipstick. Keep your eyes peeled for a review very soon.