Thundercat - The Golden Age Of Apocalypse

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  • 15:00 on 24th Aug 2011
  • By John DonnellyJohn Donnelly

If you’re familiar with the experimental jazz fusion of 70s Miles Davis or Weather Report, there will be few surprises here; you may, in fact, wonder all of a sudden what decade you’re in. However, if you’ve read this debut by Thundercat (a.k.a. bassist Stephen Bruner) was produced by Flying Lotus and are expecting breakbeats and weirdy electronica, you’ll be in for a shock. The Golden Age Of Apocalypse is an odd offering to us generally most used to criticising pop, rock and dance music. 'Nuff said. The bass playing wanders between funky and muso complex. The vocals are light and ethereal and, along with touches of xylophone and keyboard whooshes, lend the record a positive, sometimes latin vibe. Tracks are unstructured, or noodly if you like. Rather cool, even if it does stick out like a sore thumb, is the crackly 'Mystery Machine (The Golden Age Of Apocalypse)', resembling an excerpt from the soundtrack of an oddball suspense film.


70s style jazz fusion, produced by Flying Lotus.

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