Incorporating The Music Fix
30th January 2006 14:30:00
Posted by Vibeka Mair

Neon Plastix - Prick Tease/Neon Invasion

Neon Plastik are a quintet of electro popstars who come from Doncaster and sound like they’ve come straight out of an 80s disco. Prick Tease, the sort of girl every guy really hates, but really wants, is a medley of crashing drums, up-beat vibes and funk-pumping synthesised guitars. Neon Invasion comes straight out of a sci-fi movie, as the intro-beat crashes down onto the electonica landscape. And What’s so Funny? is another 80s inspired track with a similar tempo to the other two.

This is the only problem with the single, all the tracks are great, but all sound too similar too each other. However, this can be a forgiven; considering the band brilliantly capture a blurry mix of electric punk and poppy sounds, reminiscent of Talking Heads and acid punk of The Rapture.
Track List
1. Prick Tease
2. Neon Invasion
3. What's So Funny
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