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25th July 2008 15:00:00
Posted by Theo Graham-Brown

The Scaramanga Six - Walking Through Houses

Does Britain really respect its own DIY heroes? Not enough but we're a strange island. Leeds' Scaramanga Six are probably the closest we'll see to a British answer to Fugazi, bearing in mind they sound nothing like that band. Well, apart from both bands having two guitars a bass and some drums. But in terms of music industry work ethic there's a lot compare. As well as recording five albums, the fifth forthcoming and from which this is the debut single, they run Wrath Records, an independent label that constantly strives to put out quality, catchy and interesting music, arranges tours, festivals and generally tries to put Leeds on the musical map for more than just Kaiser Chiefs. The only bad thing to say is that a lot of people have likely never heard of them.

So how do the sound as they approach album number five? The answer is damn good. It's not going to appeal to everyone but it is appealling. Tim Smith of the Caridacs is on production duties and it's fair to say a Cardiacs fan should give this a listen. Title track Walking Through Houses is almost five minutes long but throws in so many ideas you barely notice. It starts brooding and building, a crooning almost sinister vocal line on top until halfway through everything kicks in and noise smacks you between the chops and if you like the sort of bombastic (damn, I didn't want to use that word) style that Muse go for you'll like this. I actually like the b-side, I Can See a Murder even more, a frantic stabbing rock-riff monster with a chorus that's just on the melodic side of crazy noise. This is a great pair of tracks and holds a lot of promise for the new album.

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Track List
1. Walking Through Houses
2. I Can See a Murder
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